Sharing Sunshine with Cayla Atha

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Today I am beyond excited to have Cayla Atha– blogger, pilates instructor, amazing chef and a huge inspiration to me on Sharing Sunshine. I know you will be SOOOO encouraged by her answers, I know I am!

How do you Shine Your Light?

I think shining your light means finding the positive in every situation, and I think that starts first with gratitude! I try to spend time each morning journaling to refocus on everything I have to feel grateful for and I notice SUCH a difference in my attitude going into the day. A grateful heart is a happy heart! 

Tell us a bit about yourself?

I am originally from California but came to Dallas to attend SMU and after meeting my hubby here, I never left and probably never will! I’ve always loved cooking and have been sharing recipes on my blog The Savvy Spoon since graduation. When I’m not in the kitchen, I’m either teaching or taking Pilates at The PilatesBarre! 

What inspired you to start @thesavvyspoon ?

I’ve always loved cooking and realized it was something that brought me so much joy that I wanted to share that feeling with others. On a whim, I decided to start my blog as a place to encourage others to learn to cook and maybe even fall in love with it like I did! 

Tell us about your morning routine, and how you get ready for the day?

The mornings are my absolute favorite! I wake up around 6:30am every day so I have plenty of time for all the tasks before my first Pilates classes of the day. I start by brushing my teeth and taking my fiber vitamins with a full glass of water. I’ll put on my Morning Mindset podcast — just a 5-7 minute devotional podcast to set the tone — while I start to get ready. Usually my sweet hubby brings me my high maintenance coffee at this point: collagen powder, coconut creamer and cinnamon! I’m the luckiest!!!
After I’m all dressed, I’ll spend some time with my Five Minute Journal which challenges you to list out what you’re grateful for, what would make today great (that YOU can control), and two affirmations that build up your confidence. I’ll make our smoothie (like the Nice Cream Green Smoothie we shared!) and head out the door! 

If you could give your 18 year old self a piece of advice what would it be?

​Beauty on the inside will get you millions of miles further than beauty on the outside!

What would you say are your top 2 fitness tips for someone who is wanting to live a healthy lifestyle?

Get moving but don’t overdo it! Try to incorporate a workout that boosts endorphins 3 times a week to start. So many people get motivated to work out then get burnt out too quickly because of how often they’re coming. Stick with something realistic that also gives your body time to recover in between.

I really believe positive eating perpetuates a healthier mindset about food. Consider adding more greens to each meal versus telling yourself you cannot eat something – you’ll think about that “off limit” item non-stop! 

I know you work at Pilates Barre as an instructor…. How can we sign up for your classes? And what can we expect from you in a class?

You can sign up for PilatesBarre classes online at! Pilates is a low impact strength training workout that utilizes springs and your own body weight for tension. The slower you work, the better! You’ll sculpt and tone nearly muscle in your body every class. And get ready for abs!! Every class welcomes all fitness ranges so don’t be intimidated as a newbie. Almost every single exercise can be modified to be made easier or more challenging, so come in with an open mind!

Book/podcast/playlist…. Share with us one of your latest favorite book, podcast, or playlist that brings you a dose of positivity??

Book – just finished Musical Chairs and it was a very sweet, happy and light read perfect for summer!

Podcast – I love the Morning Mindset devotional, The Skinny Confidential for motivation and Comments by Celebs for pop culture entertainment!

Playlist – I make fun new workout playlists nearly every week – follow me on Spotify @cayla7988 🙂

Favorite Dallas restaurant… and what to order??

I am a sucker for Le Bilboquet and their Cajun Chicken! I usually ask for half roasted brussel sprouts and half fries with my order.

For more casual dining, I love Mi Cocina and their Rico Salad — ask for Habana Chicken instead of grilled! It’s super seasoned, slightly spicy and insanely delish.

What is a typical Dallas Saturday in your life (stores, restaurants, parks etc) that you frequent?

Saturdays you can find me teaching then taking class at PilatesBarre, followed by a long walk with my hubby to Royal Blue for coffee! I love their vanilla lattes with half oat, half almond milk! We’ll then usually lunch at R&D or Mi Cocina and walk around Highland Park Village after, followed by errands or couch time 🙂 I love relaxing on Saturdays so I’m really fun at night if we’re hanging with friends!

Thank you so much Sophie!!!

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Thank You Cayla For These Wonderful Answers! It Is A Treat For My Readers To Hear Such Sunshine From You.