ways to help prevent mask breakouts

Hi Lovesss…

I am so glad to know I am not the only one with this struggle… I mean 2020 really has gotten us to talk about all the things !! I recently asked for help via my instagram stories on ways to help prevent mask breakouts. SO many of you all responded with great tips and tricks!! below I have listed all of them for you who are curious like me… I’ve started spraying my mask with toner and I think I can tell the difference already. Needless to say, I AM PUMPED!

  • spray your mask with toner before putting it on
  • hand wash your mask with your face wash
  • antibacterial masks
  • exfoliate with a light, daily exfoliate like the Lancer option
  • Peter Thomas Roth acne clearing gel
  • charcoal mask every week and wash your mask
  • disposable panty liners for inside your mask
  • tula acne stick
  • don’t wear make up below the eyes
  • hand wash your mask frquently and wash your face before and after wearing masks

I hope these help you all! DM me if you have any other tricks. Below I’ve linked all the products from the collage 🙂