Basics for College Classes

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Hi Lovesss…

How is your first week of school going or is it your first few weeks of school at this point?! Today marks DAY THREE for me! So many colleges have either started or are about to start. It’s all still crazy to me how we are starting school virtually, but I guess I’m used to virtual school so nothing new! Although, classrooms around the country whether college or highschool look very different with doors still closed and remote learning in place… I wanted to share some of my go to basics for everyday school. I don’t know about you, but the idea of getting dressed for a school day is fun to me. I love my workout clothes and athleisure sets; however, I am excited to start styling some more outfits than those!

I will be going to class on campus once or twice a week and my plan for the foreseeable future on what to wear will be : graphic tees, jean shorts, sneakers and my new backpack OR a cute summer dress thats lightweight with a decent sized tote. It is still SO hot in Texas! I cannot wait to wear sweaters… fall is my FAVORITE season, but for now its peak summer weather and that means Sophie’s summer uniform 😉

DM me on what other outfit inspo you want to see! I love your ideas 🙂