virtual school guide

Hi my loves…

I am currently in week three of online zoom college. How is school going for you???

In high school I did online school, which has definitely made for an easier adjustment with my online classes now. In high school I loved having a system that made any space feel comfortable and peaceful when doing my school work. I think a positive environment is so important. Today I want to share with you a few of my favorite items that have helped to make my workspace such a happy place to focus & get things done!!!

  • First is this computer stand— saves my neck from getting sore when I am constantly looking down…. highly recommend!!!
  • Second is a diffuser— scent to me is so powerful & can create such a good atmosphere… I love this diffuser also because you can leave it in your dorm room and not have to worry about blowing out a candle or anything.
  • Next up is essential oil…. lavender is my go-to relaxation scent… also really like tangerine too. && if you want full fall vibes add pumpkin oil!!!
  • Random but so necessary– a seat cushion!! IDK about you but my back hurts after sitting all day & this cushion feels like a cloud and helps posture too.
  • Cozy blankets— nothing more fun then getting cozy in a blanket while sitting on your comfy seat cushion… && smelling lavender oil in the air (LOL… but seriously).
  • Blue light glasses— a game changer for me!! blue light is proven to decrease headaches & help with eye dryness. They also look super cute on ( $15 from amazon).
  • Below I also linked some fun dorm/ apartment decor in case you want to add some decoration to your room (always exciting to have a new pillow, comforter, etc.)