Halloween is fun at every age. Ever since I was a little bitty girl, I remember planning my costume in the summer, and then changing it SO many times before Halloween. It might seem like a scary holiday but to me it is pure fun. I LOVE seeing little babies and adults all dressed up. From trick-or-treating, pumpkin carving and face-painting, to being with friends and family — this makes for a day I look forward to all year long. This Halloween is especially exciting because it’s on the weekend! This year, me and a group of my friends decided to dress up in NBA basketball jerseys. It is always fun to dress up with friends… they might have some cool costume ideas you never would have thought about. Last year we dressed up as pink ladies, and the year before that we all wore pink onesies with big pacifiers to look like babies.

Who doesn’t love lots and lots of CANDY on Halloween?? I know I sure do, and a fun idea for a Halloween celebration is a CANDY BAR — use all different size containers, and fill them with your favorite candy.

Everyone gets a bag and fills it up as their party favor!!!

Much Love, 



Candy Bar