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Some of you are aware that I was home schooled starting my sophomore year in high school and just recently graduated in December. Homeschooling was such an amazing experience for me, and I know now it is quickly becoming the “new norm” during this critical time globally. Recently on my story I did a Q&A about homeschooling and received hundreds of DM’s. Today I thought I would start answering those questions. I am by no means an expert on anything, but I do know what worked for me! Let’s get into it…


A: For me it was really about having one place where I would only go to do my schoolwork. It could be the living room table or the kitchen counter. It’s all about finding the best spot where you can stay focused making that the place where you are the most comfortable and only doing schoolwork… it’s like your stepping into a classroom.

Q:How did you create a schedule and be productive??

A: I LOVE to get things done but always have had a hard time putting in place a plan to get those things done until…. I started using google calendar to set reminders along with an agenda to cross things off. Each Sunday evening I would sit down and write out all my assignments that were do in one color, all my tests/quizzes that week in another color, and study time to block off.

Q:How did you stay motivated?

A:  This totally depends on the class for me, in English and history I am usually pretty excited and motivated, whereas math and science, I can easily get off task. I discovered when I did math and science before lunch, I was much more motivated to finish because I have a lot more energy in the morning. Basically, work on the classes you don’t really want to do first when you have the most energy then you have the rest of the day to do what you enjoy. Another idea is to take a break between each class to walk around the block, jump on a trampoline, listen to music, set a timer and check your phone for 5 minutes, whatever gives your brain a break for a bit.

Q:Do you keep a daily routine?

A: YES!!! YES!!! & YESS!!! A routine is beyond important when homeschooling because you really have to be extremely disciplined. Blogging and homeschooling are both super unstructured so the key is to create a plan and implement structure in your day to day activities. What I do is keep two planners, one digital (on google…setting reminders alerting my phone) and a paper agenda to write all my assignments in. Every Sunday afternoon I sit at my desk and plan out each day of the week.


I hope this post helps you with the adjustment to homeschool. I am always here if you need anything or have any questions just feel free to DM me on insta! xx


below I linked by favorite agenda that I have used for years, my trampoline, a laptop stand so your neck won’t hurt, and a diffuser so your space smells nice!

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