Recently me, and my family took a trip to Paris, Capri, Ravello, Naples, and Positano. Hope my stories inspire you.

PARIS- The city of Paris is impassioned, everywhere you look there are magnificent buildings dating back to the 1400s… a museum that is filled to the brim with people waiting to experience more beauty, like the Louvre. Did you know that if you spent 8 hours a day for 75 days at the Louvre you would be able to see each painting only once for sixty seconds?  Paris is a place of magic, happiness, lattes, flowers and love. However, there is more to it than just being a place… it is a destination, a fantasy, a home in its own little world tucked away in France. While in Paris we got to go to L’ soufflé, and tasted some amazing dishes and ate real French soufflé’s, it was delicious. It only takes the chefs at L’ soufflé 5 minutes to make one soufflé because of their special oven. Pont de I’Archeveche (I call it the Lock Bridge) has always been a spot that I have wanted to experience.  Did you know that the locks on the original Love Lock Bridge, Pont des Arts, were taken down due to its weight? Lovers, best friends, and anyone who wants to can come to this bridge, write their names on a lock and attach them to the bridge. This signifies love forever, friendship forever, family forever. When you are done you throw the key into the Seine River and make a wish. It was one of the coolest things I’ve ever done. Right by the Lock Bridge is Notre Dame which is also on the Seine River. The cathedral was built 8 centuries ago and stands for “Our Lady of Paris.” Notre Dame is an incredible example of French gothic architecture. Although we were only in Paris a short amount of time I can’t wait to go back, and explore some more.P.S. When in Paris you must go to Laudree’ and have a rose macaroon!


CAPRI is a post card. The true beauty of Capri is seen through everyone’s eyes who are there. We stayed in Anacapri a small town filled with locals, some tourists, cute little shops, and yummy gelato. Capri was 10 minutes away. The island of Capri is one that is just so perfect that it feels like you are in a dream. While in Anacapri I had the opportunity to get sandals made and personalized. I got to choose the colors, textures, and design that I wanted, and in 20 minutes I was wearing them! I couldn’t get over how fast they could make a pair of beautiful leather sandals. When in Capri, we ate at Da Paolino Lemontrees, the most beautiful restaurant inside of a lemon garden. That is a night I will never forget! Lemons the size of grapefruits were hanging over head. The beach clubs in Capri are insanely wonderful, I feel like I’m in a Gray Malin photo. While there we went on a beautiful boat ride and saw all the charming towns along the Amalfi Coast. The water was a deep cobalt blue and there was not a cloud in the sky. The ocean on the Amalfi Coast is so salty and rejuvenates your whole body.  Capri makes me feel so joyful, I hope to go back someday soon!!!

RAVELLO is such a precious town on top of a cliff looking over the electric blue ocean, from the perfectly green grass to the amazing buildings spiraled around the Amalfi hillside. While in Ravello, we took an amazing cooking class at Mamma Agata’s house, a famous Italian cooking school where the recipes have been passed down through the generations for 250 years!! I tasted some of the best food I have ever eaten, and Mamma even shared her secrets. While at Mamma Agatas we made fried pizza, a first for me, and I can say now that I could eat it everyday! The secret to the best fried pizza, according to Mamma Agata, is using double zero flour. If you like to cook, give it a try. We also made eggplant parmesan, and lemon chicken, it was AMAZING! While in Ravello, we swam in the ocean and truly appreciated this beautiful world that God has created for us. Italy, I LOVE YOU!

Much love,Sophie