Hello Loves..

Summer is coming to and END!! As sad as it is, I wanted to share some amazing dorm room finds — never too early to get started! I’ve gathered some of the best bedding, wall decor, desk, and tech essentials to make you feel right at home going into the new school year.


One thing I found to be super important was comfort! It’s also really fun to play with different colors and add your own touch with pillows and throw blankets.

Wall Decor & Furniture

Personalizing my space was by far my FAVORITE thing. I found some awesome wall attachments to make installation and removal process seamless too! Wall art and furniture can really change the mood in your room. Had so much fun personalizing my solace.

Desk & Storage

Having an organized desk will bring you so much peace! I’ve linked the products that helped me keep my desk free of clutter and compact storage options that helped me make the most of my space.

Tech & Kitchen

These items are must haves! Creating a nook for yourself and getting a routine in place will be such game changers if done the right way.

Hope this helps inspire you to create the best space for yourself!